YEA Cosmetics

Website Redesign | Graphics | Branding Guidelines

YEA Cosmetics is an in-house cosmetics brand catering to ethnic woman and beauty enthusiasts located at Estherchíc Medical Spa. Their goal is to treat the goddess in you. Inspired to create a home for beauty practices fit for the queen entity of the Book of Esther, the home of establishing your chíc was born. Services are focused to highlight, enhance and encourage the specialty of every woman's own inner beauty.

Commissioned to redesign the website, I worked to give the site a new and refreshed look to match the new logo and branding. Using the Uberstore Theme, a contemporary design was created to allow for the products and graphics being showcased to stand out. Considering most of the cosmetics line focuses on skincare, a clean aesthetic throughout the site helps imply the idea of revitalization and cleanliness.